Massive Newtons Around The World Update

I’m pleased to announce that a long overdue – and quite frankly – massive update to the Newtons Around The World gallery has been posted. This is the first addition to the gallery since June and boy, it’s a doozie. Since the last update there have been 45 submissions from 13 photographers – many first time contributors. Please take a minute and peruse the incredible work produced by the following Newton-shooters: Allen Russell, Ben McCorkle, John Charlton, Kostas Theofilis, Martin Joseph, Matt Kowalczyk, Matthew Reidsma, Paul Filmer, Richard Clark, Rick Ludwig, Ron Parker, Sonny Hung, and Zydeco. The latest images start at the bottom of page nine. And as we’re creeping up on the magic number of 200 submissions, I think it may be time for a celebratory giveaway. Get snapping and send in your own images. There just might be a special surprise for the person submitting the 200th Newton Around The World. The submission guidelines are in their usual spot.

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