Voting for the 2003 Newtie Awards has begun.

It’s that time of the year again kids. Time to cast your votes for the 2003 Newtie Awards. What the heck is a Newtie, you may well ask? Well, allow me to elucidate. The Newties are annual awards celebrating the best Newton-related software releases, upgrades, hardware hacks, web sites, and personalities our little old green-bleeding community has to offer. They are the brainchild by Rich Lindsay, proprietor of the infamous This Old Newt web site. This year, the Newted Community web site and my personal Newton web server are once again in the running for awards in their respective categories. If you happen to have a moment or two, why not head on over to the official Newtie Awards Voting Booth and flip a virtual lever for your favourites. And if one of my sites happens to be on your list, then thanks in advance.

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