Way back in April, I mentioned my interest in starting up a project which would feature images of Newtons all over the globe. Well, guess what? It has finally happened. I am tickled pink to announce that the Newtons Around The World gallery is now open for public viewing. I’d like to thank the following folks who were kind enough to submit images after my original announcement of the project. Join me in offering a tip of the hat to: Andree Dettmer, John Charlton, Sushi, Mimi Cipollone, and Victor Rehorst. By the way, my current favorite is this image taken by John Charlton which features Elvis, a Newton, and a cup of poutine. How could you not love it?
Now, don’t let just these individuals bask in the limelight. If you have a picture of your Newton that you’d like to have posted in this new gallery, please send the following items to email hidden; JavaScript is required

  1. An image of you with your Newton somewhere in the world. Indoors. Outdoors. Whatever.
  2. Images should be supplied in either high quality JPEG, TIFF (.tif), or native Photoshop (.psd) formats. Image dimensions to be no smaller than 640 pixels x 480 pixels. No GIF format images please.
  3. A text caption describing where in the world the Newton shown in the image was at the time. Please include a city and country (or failing that, the longitude and latitude) if at all possible.
  4. Your name and web site (optional).

Let’s get out there and prove that Newtons are everywhere!

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