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List:       newtontalk
Subject:    [NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 Lender Card and Readme v1.01
From:       R A Parker <RAParker () Newted ! ORG>
Date:       2010-03-14 22:41:28
Message-ID: 415991C5-42B7-4618-96D7-FB8D27DD6E95 () Newted ! ORG

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An updated Y2010 Lending Card and Readme are now available. This  
updated lending card adds Apple's latest ROM patches for all German  
MessagePads (MP120 v2.0, MP130, MP2x00 and eMate 300). Also added in  
this update is Avi Drissman's Fix2010.pkg for helping the MP120 v2.0  
and MP130 to cope with dates beyond 2010.

The Y2010 Lending Card Readme eBook. This NewtonPress e-book is  
available for direct download (to your Newton) in Classic Newton  
format here:


The Y2010 Fix Lending Card backup file. This backup file was created  
with Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) running under Mac OS Classic  
and compressed (.sit) with Stuffit.

(File Size: 1,075K)

This backup file is designed to be restored to a Linear Flash card of  
2MB minimum in size. Restoring the data from this backup will replace  
everything in the InOut Box's storage on this card. So, be aware of  
what this means before restoring this backup. To create a Lending Card  
for sending to someone else, erase the card first and then restore the  
backup. Once restored, write-protect the card prior to lending it out.

The files in this backup will update any NOS v2 Newton to the most  
current version ROM, as well as restore NIE, Ethernet and WiFi  
functionality to a bootstrapped Newton. Supported Newtons include the  
U.S. and German MP120 v2.0, MP130, MP2x00 and the eMate.

Additional utilities have also been included to assist with Date and  
Time setting anomalies.

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Retrieving the Packages

Patches and Packages are located (and retrieved) by accessing the InBox (InOut Box) app found in the Extras drawer of your Newton. They have been grouped by Date, and the Info Slips have been named, to help easily identify them. The Lending Card should arrive locked (or Write Protected) and should not allow one to delete any of the data within the InBox.


After inserting the Lending Card, double-check where your "Default Store" is pointing to. You will want to be sure that your Internal Store is chosen when doing any ROM Patches. Whether the Lending Card is Write Protected or not, when you attempt to "Put Away" a package, you will be asked to "Delete from Inbox?" You should make sure that you un-check this option. Packages have been grouped by Date and, in doing so, they are grouped in the proper order that they should be installed. Find the package you need, tap the item to get more info about it. Tap the routing menu to "Put Away" the .pkg file. Don't forget to uncheck the "Delete from Inbox" option here. Once a ROM Patch.pkg is saved to your Internal Store, it will automatically run and install the Patch. Upon success, the patch will require you to restart your Newton, to complete the update.

Appendix of Files:

Y2010 Updates

Eckhart Köppen Downloads http://40hz.org Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg 2000/2100 711000 Patch.pkg MP2100 717600 Override.pkg eMate 73J186 Patch.pkg German 2100 74J185.pkg Patch Remover.pkg

Y2010 Updates (MP120/130)

Avi Drissman Downloads http://www.drissman.com/avi/newton/Fix2010/ Avi's Fix2010.pkg Fix2010 (Version 1.0a1) helps other v2.0 NOS Newtons (MP120 v2.0 and MP130) handle dates beyond the year 2010.

Newton Internet Enabler

Apple Computer Downloads http://unna.org NIE2 Newton Internet Enabler NIE2 Internet Setup NIE2 Newton Devices NIE2 Ethernet Module NIE2 LocalTalk Module NIE2 ISP Templates NIE2 Modem & Serial Module NIE2 Runtime:NSBASIC Paul Guyot Downloads http://kallisys.com/ Kallisys NIE Patch-v4

Ethernet Card Support

Various Driver Downloads http://unna.org 3COM 3c589.pkg 3COM Addon.pkg AMB8010.PKG ATLAN.pkg Netwave.pkg Farallon.pkg

WaveLAN WiFi Support

Hiroshi Noguchi Downloads http://drvlabo.jp/old/eng/newtwave.htm LucentWaveLAN v1.p08 Paul Guyot Downloads http://www.kallisys.com/ MoreWifiCards-v5 LanternPatch-v1

Apple ROM Patches

Apple Computer Downloads http://unna.org Apple MP130 526205-US Apple MP120 v2.0 516263-US Apple eMate 737246-US Apple MP2x00 717260-US These patches are the final updates released by Apple. They can be installed with the "Put Away" action from the InBox. DO NOT INSTALL A VERSION NOT INTENDED FOR YOUR NEWTON.

Apple ROM Patches GERMAN

http://unna.org Apple MP130 536205b-DE Apple MP120 v2.0 536205a-DE Apple MP2x00 747260-DE These patches are the final updates released by Apple. They can be installed with the "Put Away" action from the InBox. DO NOT INSTALL A VERSION NOT INTENDED FOR YOUR NEWTON.

Date/Time Utilities

FastTimes.pkg TimeDateSet.pkg DaylightSavings.pkg Avi's Dates/Find BugFix.pkg Avi's Year2010.pkg Avi's Backdrop v1.31