The self-aggrandizing flotsam department.

Please note that the delightful pair of vociferous Mac-heads, Dan Benjamin and John Gruber make an ever so brief mention of Newton (and yours truly) in the recently unveiled Hivelogic Podcast. The first two episodes of the podcast are a casual discussion of their ideas regarding what new products might appear during the imminent Macworld keynote. Episode 1 is mostly about the possibility (or not) of an iPhone. The Newton makes an appearance around the 50’40” mark of the second episode, during the “tablet” speculation. Doesn’t that just figure?

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Yes, there is life around here.

It may have all the appearances of a languishing community site, but the Newted Community is still alive. I realize that it has been over a year since the last news update, but to be honest, not much has happened around the old server since the WWNC wrapped up last January. A couple of server reboots here, a few email account rebuilds there … but when it comes right down to it, no news is good news, right?
On a related note, I would like to thank everyone who has joined the community over the past year, as well as those who made donations to help offset the hosting and hardware maintenance costs. Your continued interest and support is appreciated. And rest assured, updates and news will flow again … fresh is the new stale … or something like that.

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Meet your peers in San Francisco.

Going to Macworld this January? Why not kick around town over the weekend and join some of your green-bleeding peers at the 2006 Worldwide Newton Conference in San Francisco. The conference is scheduled directly following Macworld Expo, from January 13 – 15, 2006. Tentative plans for the conference program include presentations by Paul Guyot, Larry Yeager, Adam Tow and others. Expert panel discussions, informal ‘how-to’ sessions, and demonstrations of the latest software developments for the Newton platform are also planned. This event is presented in part by the Worldwide Newton Association. I’ll be heading to the Bay Area come January. I hope to see you there too.

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Newtons for hurricane Katrina relief.

Ken Bush, the president of Newton supplier J & K Sales, has asked me to post the following information. Hurricane Katrina has devasted communities along and near the Gulf Coast. In an effort to provide some support, J & K Sales is auctioning five MessagePad 2100s on eBay. All of the winning bids will go to directly to the American Red Cross. Funds raised will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to victims of hurricane Katrina and other disasters. Thanks in advance for your support of this worthy cause.

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Possible server and email disruptions.

The ISP which supplies my DSL connection is changing the IP addresses assigned to its customers. The upside of this is that my ISP (and therefore customers like myself) will be less dependent on a certain unnamed <cough>Telus<cough> monolithic telecommunications corporation. The downside is that I have to change IP addresses on several live servers, including the one which handles the Newted Community web site and the associated member accounts.

What does this mean to you?

It means that if you have a Newted Community account, access to your Newted Community email and ftp accounts may be temporarily disrupted. I say ‘may be disrupted’ because… if you are using the domain to access the server and as your primary Newted Community email account, you’re in the clear. However, if you are using the,,, or domains to access the server or for your email account, it will take longer for these domains to be associated with the new IP address.

Please note that the domain always has been – and always will be – the default address for the Newted Community server and its services.

When is this going to happen?

I would like to start the changeover to the new IP address within the next 24 hours.

Ok, so what’s the bottom line?

Never fear. With enough good fortune on our side, this change should occur with a minimum of fuss and very little disruption. In situations like this, outages are never completely unavoidable. However, I will make sure that the downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and that it occurs during non-business hours.

If you have any questions about this change or how it might affect your Newted Community account, please let me know.

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Where did that server go?

I’m not sure when it happened or what went wrong, but the Newted Community server was pooched for most of yesterday. I was aware that a problem existed first thing in the morning when I started getting email connection errors at the office. I was unable to ping or access the server from work and was not able to take a look at the server until the afternoon. When I finally checked out the server, it wasn’t making any funny noises (which was good), but it also wasn’t responding to any pushing of buttons on the admin control panel either. I was forced to yank the plug on the box and hope that it would make it through the boot process when plugged back in. It did.
If you can read this message then obviously the server is back online and seemingly none the worse for wear. My apologies for the downtime. It doesn’t happen very often, but I know how many folks it can affect when it does.

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Announcing the Newton Flickr group.

To help perpetuate my recent Flickr addiction, I have created a Flickr group specifically aimed at all green-bleeding photographers. If you own a Newton (or two) and happen to use Flickr as well, then this group is definitely for you.
The Newton Flickr group is aimed at collecting images of everything relating to the MessagePad, eMate, and other Newton-based handheld devices. Hacks, quivers, screenshots, backdrops, packaging, clones… Let’s see what you’ve got, where you’ve taken them, and what you use them for.
This group in no way replaces the other Newton photography project, Newtons Around The World, but expands upon the concept and extends it into a larger, more interactive and visual community. Upload photos, start discussions, annotate images, leave comments, mark favorites. As mentioned above, it’s awfully addictive.
Have a Flickr account? Join the group.
What is Flickr? Learn more.

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Happy newt year.

A couple days after the fact, but still… Here’s looking forward to a year absolutely chock full of exciting and innovative green-glowing loveliness. Hopefully, there’ll be a little bit of the standard Newton community frivolity thrown in for good measure as well. Onward!

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Coverage around the world.

Oh, the publicity. Thanks to the little nod over at Wired News, we’ve experienced a ten-fold lift in traffic over the past couple of days. Fortunately, the quirky old Cobalt Qube that serves up this site isn’t even breathing hard after all of the fuss. Besides Wired News, who I blame for all of this, I’d like to thank the following sites for the related linkage.

Turkish Mac community site ElmaSuyu squeezed us in between mentions of updates for the Skype and LimeWire clients. I’m not sure if there’s any hidden significance in that placement or not.

Prolific Japanese news site News Freako seems to be obsessed with pretty much everything Apple, and that includes the Newton. I giggled out loud at the image on their home page of George Bush blowing virtual smoke out his nose. I don’t know why, I just did.

One extremely nice surprise was a link from a site that I had never heard of before, but am glad popped into view. Macsimum News was founded by none other than Dennis Sellers of MacCentral and MacMinute fame and seems to have a nice blend of news, opinion and reviews all wrapped up in a pleasant visual package. Sort of what MacCentral was before it got all Macworlded. It’s earned a place in both my bookmarks and my daily newsfeed list.

In Germany, we’re represented by the slick Metamac and the weblog. Danke, Freunde.

Short blurbs over at The Apple Blog, Computerworld and Veer round out the top hitters. Thanks all.

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Newted gets wired.

Leander Kahney is a purveyor of tales and ephemera culled from Mac and Newton communities alike. True to his style, he has just published a Wired News article featuring none other than the Newtons Around The World gallery. Fittingly entitled The Picture of Devotion, it is certainly a fine hat tip to this site and the Newton community at large. But the article is more specifically about gallery regular John Charlton’s arguably obsessive compulsion for snapping pictures of his little green friend. Regardless of why you came or how you ended up here, a warm welcome all. Click, enjoy, stay a while.
Oh, and if you feel so compelled, consider making a small donation to the Newted Community by clicking that cute little PayPal button to your left. (Of course, this will help offset the looming bandwidth overage charges we’re bound to experience because of the mention in this fine article.)

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