The Newted Community exists in order for Newton users to keep in touch with each another and to serve as a resource for Newton related information and support. Originally created and maintained as a labor of love by Stacey Tenen, this server is currently hosted and maintained by another frothing fan of the Newton, Grant Hutchinson. Although no longer directly involved with the Newted Community, Stacey deserves our ongoing appreciation for his years of dedication to the Newton community and for offering us the opportunity to continue where he left off. With occasional technical help from the indispensable Victor Rehorst and other Newton fanatics, we hope to continue improving and sustaining this server for the forseeable future.

Our experience with the Newton, in all of its iterations, has been one of the most rewarding computing experiences we have ever encountered. It’s something that we wish to share with the thousands of Newton owners who remain dedicated and fixated to this platform. Newton users are a computing community like no other. Orphaned by Apple Computer in 1998, we continue to thrive as a community, supporting one another through assistance, information, and the immeasurable experience gleaned from every single Newton user.

Truly a diverse group, Newton users are interesting in their own right — and the Newted Community serves as a forum for the display of that diversity. Members of the Newted Community are encouraged to create web pages to display their many interests and experiences as they relate to the Newton and the rest of their lives.

Please visit the pages of the Newted Community often, as it is hoped that we’ll all have time to contribute our thoughts, and this community will continue to grow and prosper.

Grant Hutchinson
Newted Community Handyman