Where did that server go?

I’m not sure when it happened or what went wrong, but the Newted Community server was pooched for most of yesterday. I was aware that a problem existed first thing in the morning when I started getting email connection errors at the office. I was unable to ping or access the server from work and was not able to take a look at the server until the afternoon. When I finally checked out the server, it wasn’t making any funny noises (which was good), but it also wasn’t responding to any pushing of buttons on the admin control panel either. I was forced to yank the plug on the box and hope that it would make it through the boot process when plugged back in. It did.
If you can read this message then obviously the server is back online and seemingly none the worse for wear. My apologies for the downtime. It doesn’t happen very often, but I know how many folks it can affect when it does.

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