Announcing the Newton Flickr group.

To help perpetuate my recent Flickr addiction, I have created a Flickr group specifically aimed at all green-bleeding photographers. If you own a Newton (or two) and happen to use Flickr as well, then this group is definitely for you.
The Newton Flickr group is aimed at collecting images of everything relating to the MessagePad, eMate, and other Newton-based handheld devices. Hacks, quivers, screenshots, backdrops, packaging, clones… Let’s see what you’ve got, where you’ve taken them, and what you use them for.
This group in no way replaces the other Newton photography project, Newtons Around The World, but expands upon the concept and extends it into a larger, more interactive and visual community. Upload photos, start discussions, annotate images, leave comments, mark favorites. As mentioned above, it’s awfully addictive.
Have a Flickr account? Join the group.
What is Flickr? Learn more.

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