Coverage around the world.

Oh, the publicity. Thanks to the little nod over at Wired News, we’ve experienced a ten-fold lift in traffic over the past couple of days. Fortunately, the quirky old Cobalt Qube that serves up this site isn’t even breathing hard after all of the fuss. Besides Wired News, who I blame for all of this, I’d like to thank the following sites for the related linkage.

Turkish Mac community site ElmaSuyu squeezed us in between mentions of updates for the Skype and LimeWire clients. I’m not sure if there’s any hidden significance in that placement or not.

Prolific Japanese news site News Freako seems to be obsessed with pretty much everything Apple, and that includes the Newton. I giggled out loud at the image on their home page of George Bush blowing virtual smoke out his nose. I don’t know why, I just did.

One extremely nice surprise was a link from a site that I had never heard of before, but am glad popped into view. Macsimum News was founded by none other than Dennis Sellers of MacCentral and MacMinute fame and seems to have a nice blend of news, opinion and reviews all wrapped up in a pleasant visual package. Sort of what MacCentral was before it got all Macworlded. It’s earned a place in both my bookmarks and my daily newsfeed list.

In Germany, we’re represented by the slick Metamac and the weblog. Danke, Freunde.

Short blurbs over at The Apple Blog, Computerworld and Veer round out the top hitters. Thanks all.

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