Monthly Archives: September 2004

Images from the Worldwide Newton Conference.

So you couldn’t make it to the inaugural Worldwide Newton Conference last week? Sadly, neither could I. No worries though… it’s possible to relive at least part of the experience through Adam Tow’s extensive gallery of images from the event. It’s the next best thing to having been there in person. And speaking of being […]

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Newton is in the news.

Just in case you didn’t catch this elsewhere, Wired News published a piece last week entitled Fans Keep Newton in Motion, coinciding with the first (and hopefully annual) World Wide Newton Conference being held in Paris. Be sure to gawk at the screen shot of Paul Guyot’s nifty Newton emulator project being unveiled at the […]

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Minor updates to the Proxim Wireless Newton Primer

Due to a severe case of galloping linkrot, most of the pointers to the Proxim web site from the popular Proxim Wireless Newton Primer article were dead as doornails. To keep things reasonably useful, I updated all of the links to point to the handy dandy Internet Archive Wayback Machine instead. I also managed to […]

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