New additions to the Newtons Around The World gallery.

Summer is nearly here, and what better time to update the Newtons Around The World gallery than when the sun is warm and the grass is green? (Actually, it’s raining here in Calgary today, effectively putting a damper on my yard work. So, here I sit, working on my web sites instead of mucking about outside…) This update features submissions from several first time contributors, including: Bernie Ortmann, Daniel Padilla, Jacob Hunter and Janusz Garbalinski. Veteran photographers Paul Guyot and Peter Cameron round out the batch. The most recent images start on page nine. And as a matter of course, I’m going to tack on my regular reminder to the rest of you to keep on snapping. This project is only as interesting as the people who send in pictures. The submission guidelines are parked in their usual spot. Enjoy.

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