Software Update Notice: Tonight, I upgraded the message boards to a incrementally more recent version of the Ultimate Bulletin Board software. I made the cautious leap from our cranky old version 5.39b to the Y2K-compliant 5.47e. The one thing that you may notice with this version is that it fixes the email time stamp issue as previously mentioned on this very page. There are a few other minor enhancements, such as “hot topic” notification, and the usual schwack of bug fixes. All of these changes are documented on the Infopop site in greater detail than I personally care to go into here. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, knock yourself out. This upgrade is the first step in getting the latest and greatest version of UBB.classic installed. However, I wanted to make sure that this interim version fixed the immediate problems we were having. Please let me know if you experience any weirdness when using the message boards over the next couple of weeks. If all goes well, I’ll start looking into upgrading to version 6.x of the software.

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