I’d like to thank Newted Community member Tom Zahm for taking it upon himself to send the following message to the rest of the membership earlier this evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Newtonites all,
When I signed up a year or so ago with the Newted Community, I thought “a *one time* founder’s fee – how can he do that?” Well, in fact, I don’t think he can. Further, a number of us have come to depend on newted.org, with the demise of iTools.
In order to:
– pay domain registration costs
– provide for software updates
– provide for the day when the aging Cobalt Qube gives up the ghost
– modestly compensate the Sysadmin for what I’m assuring are growing demands on his time
I propose a voluntary annual contribution to the Newton Community.
I’ve sent $10, since that’s what an extra email account would have cost with .mac (assuming I could have found someone to “tag along” with).
Grant says that checks and money orders can be sent to:
The Newted Community
c/o Grant Hutchinson
PO Box 81000
755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE
Calgary AB Canada T2J 0N0
PayPal payments can also be made. Direct them to: email hidden; JavaScript is required (call the transaction type “payment for service”).
Or use the link on the home page.
Yours in Newtondom,
Tom Zahm
email hidden; JavaScript is required (formerly email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Having one of the members of the Newted Community instigate this type of call to action without any prompting whatsoever, really validates what I have been trying to do with this server and the services offered as part of the membership. Thank you for your ongoing support Tom, and everyone else who has been a part of the Newted Community up until now. Of course, we’re still accepting new members as well.

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