It’s been a very long time since there’s been any fresh content in the Soupbox section. But awake my friends! Let the drought cease! The first two of hopefully many new articles are now available for your leisurely perusal. These articles were actually submitted to me several months ago, but I have only just now had the time and intestinal fortitude to publish them. Once again, I offer my apologies for the tardiness to the authors of these fine tomes.

In addition to these new(ish) articles, I have been busily re-editing and otherwise tidying up several articles written by Michael Portuesi and Phil Sykes back in 1998. These articles were originally part of the Soupbox when Stacey Tenen was still managing the server. They were removed from circulation during the redesign of the site when I took over the wheel. Needless to say, many of the references and links to old Newton software and developer sites needed to be scrubbed up a bit. (Thank goodness for Google, UNNA, and the Internet Archive… not necessarily in that order.)
Some of these articles are a bit long in the tooth, but I believe that the majority of the information will still be beneficial to someone out there. Presenting the first set of renovated Soupbox articles:

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