Thanks to a bit of serendipitous luck, I have managed to finally obtain the elusive newted.com domain name for use with the Newted Community site. While the former Newted Community administrator had secured both the newted.org and newted.net domains shortly after starting the site, some pie-eating domain squatter grabbed the .com out from under his nose. But what goes around, comes around. Right, kids? You can now reach the Newted Community using any of the following urls:


Not only does this simplify the task of typing in the typographically quaint newted.dyndns.org url, but it means that everyone with a Newted Community account automagically gets a couple more email aliases. For example, if your current Newted email address is:

email hidden; JavaScript is required

You can now use any of the following addresses for that same account:

email hidden; JavaScript is required
email hidden; JavaScript is required
email hidden; JavaScript is required

Don’t have your very own Newted Community email account yet? Hit the membership page, and I’ll fix you right up.

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