Important notice to all Newted Community members. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have found it necessary to switch to a different ADSL service provider. This switch will affect the availability of the Newted Community server, including all web access, e-mail accounts, and the message boards for an indeterminate amount of time starting some point within the next two weeks. My best guess is that this server will be offline for approximately 2 or 3 days starting on the 12th of July. I wish I could be more exact with this time estimation, but as anyone who has had to deal with changing internet providers and updating domain name records can attest, this is not going to be a precise chain of events. I will provide whatever details I can on this page, right up until the time that the existing connection is terminated. As soon as everything is up and running again, you will be notified via your Newted Community e-mail account. Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.

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