Newted Community server move update. As you have probably noticed, the Newted Community server is still running along quite fine, thank you very much. The swell folks at Webcore Labs were able to provide me with a temporary parking stall for both this server and my own box full of sites. Please be aware that this doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal. The currently situation is that I no longer have a DSL connection at home, as my previous service provider finally yanked my last remaining IP address yesterday. And because of the volume of new accounts being set up by my new provider (no doubt due to the fact that the parent company of the aforementioned ISP have royally screwed numerous other customers), I won’t have a connection or IP addresses in place until late next week. When my new DSL account is activated, it will mean moving the Newted Community server back to the cozy confines of my basement. Once again, there will be a short period of time during which this server will not be accessible, probably over the coming weekend. Just thought you’d like to know what was going on.

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