Huzzah! NewtonTalk is back. Network handyman and all around good egg, Bill Shamam, shared the following clarification with the mailing list. It describes exactly happened to cause the outage in the first place:

“Just to clarify some things I’ve seen on the list and on chuma.org”
“The outage was no fault of our ISP (PINS). It was actually caused by faulty wiring in the basement of my building. The wiring is Verizon’s property and responsibility (they’re no better than when they were called NYNEX or Bell Atlantic).”
“Just to add some karma points back to PINS, I would like to say that their service and attention to detail are excellent and that anyone looking for a quality ISP (for businesses, they don’t provide residential dialup or DSL) should consider them.”
Now, back to our regularly scheduled online experience.

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