Well, that was a fairly smooth launch.
Thanks to everyone who has offered praise, hurrahs, and constructive criticism regarding the new design. All of it has been appreciated. Based on one suggestion, I have already made a couple of changes. Specifically, I adjusted the style sheet so that links appearing on shaded backgrounds are more legible. Just look at how open I am to suggestions. It’s incredible, isn’t it?
Several people have contacted me about volunteering to help post Newton news and other related tidbits to this page. I will be starting to add members to the Newted Community blog team as soon as a few other parts of the site makeover have been finished. Namely, the message boards.
And speaking of message boards, I contacted former Newted sysop Stacey Tenen for the last bit of access information required to actually get in under the hood. Suffice it to say, I now have access to the administrative functions underlying the message boards. Look out, kids. If I accidentally break something, please let me know.

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